by Ordnance

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    Available in limited quantities, Echelon is the debut album by Melbourne band Ordnance. Full lyrics and album credits included in an 8 page booklet, the layout and artwork of this gatefold digipak edition were completed by local artist Nightside.

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Debut album from Melbourne metal band Ordnance. Follow up to the 2012 EP "Blight", Echelon was written and recorded over a period of 2 years.


released January 23, 2016

Ordnance is:
Michael Coffey - Guitars, drum programming
Darcy Coffey - Bass
Jon Torney - Guitars, backing vocals
Justin Daley - Vocals

All music written by Michael Coffey
All lyrics written by Justin Daley
Produced by Ordnance and Jesse Oberin
Engineered and recorded by Jesse Oberin
Mixed and Mastered by Adam Calaitzis at Toyland Studios, Melbourne
All artwork by Nightside




all rights reserved


Ordnance Melbourne, Australia

Formed in 2011, Ordnance is a metal band from Melbourne. Our first EP "Blight" released in 2012 is available here.

We finally released our debut album "Echelon" in January 2016 after 2 years of recording and trying in vain to find a drummer. We hope to remedy that situation soon so that we might continue to play live and write. Work has already begun on our 2nd album.
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Track Name: The Wraith
I have received the last gift and dematerialise.
Stillborn beneath night's shroud on faraway roads.
I've wondered what it's like, across the nothing chasm,
Teaming with those winged shades... and I still wonder.

This armature keeping me in life. Paid for with death.
And I know you like the lancinated map of your hate up my spine.

Offerings delivered - cold, eyeless and clean.
Roadblocks won't stop something that can't be stopped.
A blank spot hidden in circadian rhythms.
Corporeal form regained through ritual cesation.
Impacting turmoil flows.
My way's the highway.

I've come a long way to find you, my time is just about over.
Climbing my way back with each kill, I'm the thing you've borne.

Out beneath the gloaming firmament,
when the air cools and the dry grass sways.
The wind, the wind will cry to you of lonely death
This is not about the cars now let me show you.

Climbing my way back with each kill, my time is just about over. Twisted automotive inferno. I'm the choice you made for yourself.
Car gone, eyes gone, corpse intact.
This armature keeping me in life. Paid for with death.

I'm not the real ghoul here, when you're gone we'll be free.
When you're gone we'll be free.
No-one belongs to you.
Tell the road you disagree.
Climbing my way back with each kill.
Track Name: Effigia
Seven years to the day "I so pale, I betrayed",
Pleadings near to the idol grown fonder.
Is it not enough that the these acts of debasement
Grow steadily more complex?
I once prayed. Now I pray to thee.
Bow my head low, I smell my own filth.

A life without care I once travelled.
Possessed of objective beauty, self obsessed. Droll and pretentious. Those traits I have seen grant legitimacy.
Unaware, there was something that watched.
A being of great craft and hate, it's venom an unending stream.
It took me and made me this. Abducted. Now how it plays.

How does one ever resist that which wrests control with ease. Imprisoned. Internally pleading my consciousness leave.

Drawn down. Through quiet ways to it's everwell.
What was once a house, changed to a shrine of torment.
In a small statuette dwells the New Lord.
Conducting my living grave. I've begged in the dust in the grey.
The poltergeist smiles.
This mouldering broken debris, my bed, toilet, diet, torturer.

How does one ever resist that which wrests control with ease. Imprisoned. Internally pleading my consciousness leave.

Lost. Alive with pain. Festering. In my own flesh.
Finally released - unfathomable! Sunlit grass, blue sky revolves.
But I can't stand any input but pain.
The poltergeist smiles, I dissolve.
Track Name: The Widows Lodge
Formed in the decaying filth of the womb, wallowing inside.
As the sun arcs it's way through the day the mass swarms to the host. Parodies of lust pervert the night.

This was once wedded bliss, in the house above the waterways. Barren and frustrated no hope of children.
Their union descends into hate.
More often she'd speak to her pets in the river.
Fair thoughts would abide in lands far away.

She prayed she cried. She stared she begged but mostly she cried.
I just don't want to be alone she said.
Inserting a corpse of the recently dead, it felt honest.
Not like the veil of spite from her love.

How spite blooms anew. Spousal jealousy to maddened foe.
His wrath an unnatural act.
Trapping, slaughtering the mammals she'd claimed as her own.
Her own.
Alcoholic he stumbles, a splash and he's gone.
Her mind in permanent recoil. Neither knew what abided below. Aeons old malignant nodes of necromancy, suffering and pain. Shapeless arts awake, she bears the first.

She will remain here. Half alive beside the nightwater.
How she prayed she cried.
She stared she begged but mostly she cried.
I just don't want to be alone she said.
Birthing a new corpse unto her swarm of death.
Doomed to mother and suckle, a sentient flood scours the night.

Preened in the chambers of decaying filth, slinking outside.
As the stars arc their way through the vault, the frenzy resumes.
Visions of feasting symbiotic sight.
The feasting of The Lodge.
That terrible curse of The Lodge.
Unending hunger The Lodge.
The only thing left is The Lodge.
Track Name: Chasma: Empyrean
Track Name: Chasma: Substrate
Distance! The cold, clear void extends out overhead.
Jewels of eternal flight hang dreaming.
A renewing, ceasing dance.

My vantage, a timeless rock strewn world.
Bathed in the firmament's celestial blue.
Under the canyons, here in the substrate my mind roams the black.
The great solar wind rakes my external bones.
Bearing foreign vibrations I’ve never known.
I ponder these new frequencies. A song of benoised lustful fruits.

It sings to me. Of a thing named flesh. Astonishingly new.
Existing aeons here without a thought of it - my talents all unused.
The cold, the clear void stretches overhead.
My thoughts turn to the ancient engines in the depths.

Do I like Flesh? What is it? I try on flesh.
Uncoiling my new form, the wet membrane sloughs off.
The gel inside my veins, peaking to a red vibration.
To seek the origin.
Track Name: Tracked by the Grindylowe
I rarely rest but I feel her restlessly seek.
That gristled form slips through wherever it finds fluid.
Dreading the day when she bathes in my red, her coveted meat.

I can't remember what drew me there.
Some pull, some playfulness or curiosity.
I stumbled dumb upon her, far into the mire - The Huntress.
Her maw mocked a smile when she tasted my scent.
Her hunger became my doom.

I was spared through the violence of my revulsion.
Running, panting, pleading, emptying my bowel.
Headlong, back to the light.
A promise from the night behind
Her call resounding through the swamplands.
And like that promise she has shadowed me.

She bides her time pursuing through aquatic realms.
Mistress of the Drenched.
Less woman, barely hominid, more parasitic thing.
Running water heralds dread and panicked flight.
Through the taps, the cisterns, through the pipes, the drains.
Her song I hear it distantly. Diligent inhuman malice.
Memories of the time before grow dim.
Yet that night when I was marked as prey still haunts me.

Making my way day to day further inland.
She knows I know, I've heard the local news.
Rumours of the small, the sick, the dying.
They sate her while she hunts.
Dreading the day when she bathes in my red - her coveted meat.

The desert my final hope but I tire.
Arid lands my final hope but I thirst.
The desert my final hope but I tire.
Arid lands my final hope but I thirst.
Track Name: Thaumaturgist
Your fevered form an animated knot of sinew and bone.
The hallowed pyramids above moan as you writhe.
The triple gates wail obsidian.
In the benighted gloom beyond my third vision.

My mask of principle and virtue built from gain.
I drop it only in the presence of my peers and prey.
You think you found yourself here?

An ablution of feces mixed with piglets blood drains from your cunt.
A douching more than fit for livestock such as you.
You think you found yourself here?
You were required so I had you brought!

You're no stranger to paternal abuse.
Those ministrations knew nothing of terror.
So see here, watch me open the air before I open your skin.

I have methods to sustain you, on our journey to your expiration.
This was never going to be brief.
Your suffering, endemic to The Great Work at hand.

Marking my place in the pages.
With the blade I favour for exhuming flesh.
Cansha Om Pacsha!
Your servant!
Oh Void!
The fogs coalesce with the ascending red.
The fogs coalesce with the ascending red.
Track Name: Grable
An unexpected spike, a yawning gravity well.
A symptom of the gate.

It's why we had got involved in Weapons R&D.
We built, tested and then unleashed that early death on foreign soil. Gave that soil half-life.
In time it became business like before.
But we were clinical, professional.
And I had extra avenues of thought.
Allow me to elaborate.

I feel I've sensed, I’ve seen another world, another realm.
Shifting and peaking from within quantum horizons.
Facets that dance beyond my grasp.
But how to impress, how to coo to it, coax it.
A zone unseen but perceived.
This is why I had got involved in weapons R&D.
A means to cleave the sky through to the endless.

My theory states an entity dwells there.
Might this shadow be worn if it be won?
Might the shadow be worn if it be won?
Sink, sink myself in!
Forge myself to it.

I've many connections maintained through the years.
Exploiting such fortunes for gain.
Those peers I have heard claim "She's deeply disturbed"
Just vanish covertly.

It broods on it's mounts at my whim.
An engineering feat that would make M.C. Escher proud.
A modified howitzer 15 kilotons of hell.
Those nightmare shells I've imbued with black project artifacts
Now it waits...

Can I prevail I've tried to ascertain (doubt).
Lethal doses through subjects detained.
Strange behaviours construed.
Pitiful, they plead but this is science after all.

How will I know? Can I forge myself to the one?
Then I remembered my son.

A mistake that needy offspring I'd abandoned.
For true results I'll need my own DNA.
Colleagues find, procure and bind him outside zero-range.
Much closer than the mobs of human litmus I've enchained.

I'm on the brink.
Crews on standby we are go.
Thunder in the clear blue, new false dawn.
The skyhammer speaks.

Pressure cooks the space between molecules.
Mysteries in the shell they fire, push through.
A cold air that smells uncharted swims through me and I know.
It's come as called to claim it's vulnerable meat.
I run, the land a blur with headlong flight.
The valley's changed all life grey, hideous and meek,
I finally reach him.

The anomaly encased inside.
The tender flesh from which I wrench my first bite.
Track Name: I Have Not Eaten My Heart
Track Name: Dissembler
Transmitting the reflection of self.
Every motion is self-serving.
Inherent animation tows desperate hopes and lies.
Deny the phthisis we cling to.

Wide expanses festooned with flags and singing
And shrines built to you.
What a smile!
Your teeth start to shudder your jaws gnash and clasp.
The sea rushes in, the applause all for you with parades and confetti. We're drinking it in!
What a smile!

A cursed and common physiology.
With the hope pretensions float in a flood.
Over-feeding on congratulation.
Clotted milk oozing rancid from a hidden teet.

A grey wreckage in the deep.
A dead ruin. Far beyond a dormant sun.
Our tomb dug in our mind.
Our tomb.

Sink into the earth.
The dancing wave, hugs the air and heaves.
Attempts to bridge ego and flesh.
The strongest bastions breached.